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Our Content Philosophy 

The news is an educational tool, vital to our democratic republic.

We believe every student, educator, and parent should have access to trusted, engaging, and authentic news.

That's why we deliver interactive, multimedia news stories that provide the facts with rich context from diverse viewpoints.

Not only do we utilize an explanatory journalistic approach, but we make explicit connections between what is happening and why it matters to your civic and social life.


What to Expect from Bites Articles


CCSS- and C3-aligned content across four categories:

  • Law and Politics,
  • Life and Arts,
  • Science and Technology,
  • Sports and Health, and Science and Technology


Each article is firmly rooted in our content principles of:



Our facts are aggregated from traditional, trustworthy newspapers and journalists who are held to the highest standards of reporting.

We always include a direct link to the original source so you can deep dive further.


Our content comes from the real world.

We cover key issues and topics relevant to right now. Relevant content means more engagement, and increased engagement leads to higher achievement.


Bites Media is dedicated to accessible content for all students.

We believe in multiple pathways to learning. So read, click, listen, or watch what you need to get all the facts.


Every article is written in the same outline format.

We use bullet notation to get straight to the facts. We always include two sides to the story so you are fully informed and have a holistic understanding, free from political or biased reporting.

Civic Foundation

We believe civics education is strengthened through a better understanding of current events.

By making an explicit connection in WHY IT MATTERS, we support students' social and civics understanding, consequently strengthening our democracy.



Our Content Team

We partner with the following graduate and undergraduate journalism programs to source talent that researches the facts behind every Bites article.

We are proud to work with students from:


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Want to learn more about our process?  Are you a journalism student looking to work with us?

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See a full list of our Approved Sources and why we consider them trustworthy