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2020 Education: Universal Pre-K


  • Universal pre-K is an education policy providing free preschool (pre-kindergarten) to all American children ages 3- to 4-years old. [Brookings Institute]
  • State governments are responsible for organizing and funding pre-K. There is no federal funding or mandate for pre-K. [NPR]
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President Trump is unclear on universal pre-K. 


What he's said:

At this time, Bites Media is unable to find a quote from President Trump about pre-k, universal pre-k, or early childhood education.



What he's done:

President Trump has put forward budget proposals that would cut costs to the Department of Education and eliminate funding for the federal Preschool Development Grant program. [The White House]


Former Vice President Biden supports universal pre-K.



What he's said:

"This investment will ease the burden on our families, help close the achievement gap, promote the labor participation of parents who want to work, and lift our critical early childhood education workforce out of poverty." [Joe Biden Campaign]


Biden proposed paying for universal pre-k by closing some tax loopholes. [PBS News Hour]



What he's done:

2013: The Obama-Biden administration proposed Preschool for All to provide pre-k to all families living in the low-to-middle income bracket. 


2016: The Obama-Biden administration increased early childhood investments by over $6 billion. [U.S. Department of Education]


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) helped incentive states to promote and coordinate high-quality pre-k programs. [U.S. Department of Education]

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