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Unlock Benefits for the Whole Family


Raise Responsible, Confident Citizens


Bites is the bridge between trusted news sources and civic engagement. Give your kids a safe place to discover and understand the world around them so they can make their mark on the world.

Save Time with Pre-Curated Content


No more searching for the perfect piece of content. Curated articles provide authentic, unbiased perspectives. Access them at home or on the go and assign them anytime.

Encourage Vibrant Dinner Conversations 


Bites provides foundational knowledge on the most pressing issues of our time. Use it as a resource for the whole family and watch as family dinners transform into lively debates and teachable moments.

Understand Content Consumption at a Glance 


Your Parent Portal provides the tools to assess real-time engagement and comprehension data so you can stay informed on your child’s media consumption and how it impacts understanding. 


How It Works


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Step 1

Access the Bites Content Library and assign an article using your Parent Portal

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Step 2

Encourage the family to read the article and complete the quiz

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Step 3

Get everyone together to discuss what you learned using the essential question

Not One, but Mulitple

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We get 10+ trusted sources into one article, with easy access to each. Multiple sources for endless possibilities.


See all of our Approved Sources and learn why we consider them trustworthy.



Benefits of a Subscription

Unlimited Accounts and Content for the Whole Family 

Access an unlimited library of curated articles. Assign articles to help establish consistent baseline knowledge before diving together into a topic further.

Gain Insights into Your Kid


With a subscription, you can view how much time your student is spending watching videos, reading the text, and looking at the infographics. 

Engaging Student Portal 


Students can access unlimited articles, view assignments, complete comprehension assessments, and engage with their peers across the country.

Comprehension Checks


Are they really getting it? We can easily show you.

Each article includes a comprehension quiz so you can quickly understand if children are understanding the material, implementing new skills or need additional practice.

Parents want straightforward things that kids will not get stuck on when they go online. Trust me: Bites has it!

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