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Empower Students

Develop your students to be the next generation of responsible citizens by providing access to real-world, relatable content that draws explicit connections between classroom lessons and current events.

Save Time

Curated articles allow you to quickly find the perfect piece of content every time so you can focus on planning and delivering lessons.

Bites saves teachers 1-2 hours on average in classroom prep.

Foster Engagement

Bring the news to life with vibrant classroom discussions.

Informed students are able to contribute to group lessons and discussions, leading to richer classroom experiences. 

Differentiate Instruction 

No two learners are the same. Each article includes different media types to engage every learner and deepen comprehension.

With Bites’ easy-to-use reports, you quickly see how all of your students are performing across CCSS ELA-Informational Text Standards.


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“Before Bites Media, I found myself collecting 3-4 articles on each topic I wanted to use in classroom discussion. Now, I have 10-12 articles in one place.”

— ELL Teacher, Boston, MA




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We get 10+ trusted sources into one article with easy access to each.

Multiple sources for endless possibilities.



See all of our Approved Sources and learn why we consider them trustworthy.





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Step 1

Access the Bites Content Library and assign students an article using your Teacher Portal

Step 2

Students read the article and complete the assessment

Step 3

Track and manage student comprehension and engagement data in your Teacher Portal while continuing to tailor instruction


“It was really cool to see the kids realize, understand, and then talk about the actual politics of it all.”

—AP US History Teacher,

Los Angeles, CA





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Unlimited Student Accounts 

One Teacher Subscription = Unlimited Student accounts.

All your students have access to all articles, all of the time.

Unlimited Articles


Access an unlimited library of curated articles with no ads.

Use as classroom or at-home assignments to create consistent baseline knowledge before diving into a topic further.

Intuitive Teacher Portal

Assign articles, instantly grade assignments, and easily view student performance with built-in reporting.

Engagement Checks


What are they interacting with and does it impact comprehension? We can show you.

Understand student engagement with video, audio, text, visuals to understand what is working best and differentiate instruction based on student needs.

Comprehension Checks


ELA-Informational Text data at a glance.

Each article includes a comprehension quiz so you can quickly understand if students are understanding the material, implementing new skills, or need additional practice. 


Student Portal


Students can access assignments, complete comprehension quizzes, and engage with peers across the country on topics of interest. 






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With a subscription, you will easily find instructional tools from these trusted partners in one place.


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