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In 2017, when respect and engagement with trusted news organizations were at an all-time low, Nick and Emily founded Bites Media.


Nick grew up deeply entrenched in the news industry - you could say the news is in his blood.

While working at The Wall Street Journal, Nick saw firsthand the decline in engagement and trust, specifically among younger generations. Nick uses his profound understanding of the news industry to reimagine how information is presented in order to engage this new generation of news consumers.

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Emily is a Learning Disabilities Specialist that taught in general education and special education classrooms across the country. She also worked as a coach for reading intervention curriculums for middle and high school teachers. Emily ensures the Bites experience reflects the voice and needs of the student and incorporates best practices for classroom engagement.


Nick and Emily combine their collective experience and passion in media and education to transform the next generation’s engagement with news and our democracy.





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We believe the news is an educational tool and should be treated as such.

We believe access to a free press and high-quality public education are essential pillars of democracy.

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We believe informed citizens strengthen democracy.

We believe it is our civic duty to be informed, engaged citizens that go beyond casting a vote.



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Bites is a news and information platform for middle and high school students.

Bites provides educators, parents, and students access to trusted, engaging, and authentic news.

By leveraging educational best practices of accessibility used in both general and special education, we ensure all students have access to important social and civic issues.

Bites takes a unique approach to reporting.

Bites follows an explanatory journalistic approach to current events by outlining the foundation of the topic. We explicitly link to civics education to solidify a classroom-to-real-world application.

We work with graduate and undergraduate journalism students across the country to craft interactive articles that provide brevity and depth from multiple perspectives.

We get 10+ approved sources into one article to provide students a solid foundation of facts and perspectives to understand the world around them. 

Bites is proven to increase student engagement.

When compared to traditional news sources, Bites is proven to increase student engagement by ~3x. 

We also work to increase civic engagement by linking to actionable next steps provided through partnerships with established civic organizations.





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