A strong foundation starts here.

Bites Media is a 6-12 grade education technology innovator that gives educators and students access to trusted and enjoyable news and transforms a new generation’s engagement with the media.


We craft and publish interactive, multimedia news stories that provide the facts with rich context from diverse viewpoints. Our platform invites students of any ability to learn about the world while supporting critical media literacy skills.


We believe prioritizing a foundation of understanding and fostering deep engagement will cultivate informed citizens and solve the crisis of misinformation in the media.

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Our principles:


Truth and facts.

Fairness and impartiality.

Accountability and trust.

Accessibility and education for all.

"Why should I trust Bites?"

At Bites, we provide you with all the facts to a story.


Our facts are aggregated straight from traditional and trustworthy newspapers and journalists who are held to the highest standards of reporting. See a full list of our approved sources.


We always provide a direct link to where we found the fact so you can dive deep and read more.


We believe our articles give you a solid foundation before you read a traditional news article. But that's our opinion- go see for yourself!

"What makes news by Bites different?"

Every article is written in bullet notation to give you a straightforward breakdown.


We always include two sides to the story. That way, you are the fully informed and up-to-date.


These two sides may be:

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Pro means facts or opinions that could be good.


Con means facts or opinions that could be bad.

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Facts are facts.

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Opinions are not facts.

They are neither right nor wrong.

Opinions are simply what someone might believe.

Sometimes, people use facts to support their opinions.

We believe everyone requires multiple ways to access information. So read, click, listen, or watch what you need to get all the facts.


We highly recommend you do it all! Not only is it more engaging, but you're also asking your brain to operate and absorb knowledge in different ways. This has been shown to improve your memory and comprehension of the content. 


  • All articles are designed to be short and sweet.

  • 500 words or less!


  • If you see something blue or underlined, click it!

  • [Name of trustworthy site] links directly to where we got the fact. Click the name to access the full article, study, or paper.


  • If reading text really isn't your thing, look to the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the blue bar.
  • That button will have the software read the text aloud.


  • If reading isn't your thing, watch the videos to get more information.

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The team at Bites Media is committed to providing you weekly, fact-based bites.

"I'm an educator.

Do you have any way to check if my students are understanding?"



Contact us to chat with a Bites guru! We can unlock access to all of our CCSS aligned comprehension checks found at the bottom of every article.

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I don't see any topic I like."

Cool! Let's fix that.


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Let's get learning.

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