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The news our students deserve.

The Bites content platform gives 6-12th grade educators and students trusted digital news that deepens engagement and the critical thinking required to become literate media consumers.


How it Works.

Students dive into a multi-media Bites article that accommodates their personalized learning style and presents two competing mainstream interpretations of the facts.

Multi-media, Multi-perspective

Making Vital News Accessible

Teachers quickly browse our library, updated weekly, and assign succinct articles covering the most pressing and engaging issues of our time.

Students engage with Bites


than traditional news.

Meaningful Data

Educators and administrators get individual and group-wide data to make smarter instructional choices and stay accountable.

What they're saying.

"I found it very interesting and I had a great conversation over the ethics with my teacher. I really liked the YouTube video. It provided another thinking point." - 5th grader in Columbus, OH

"I liked it because it wasn’t too long, but I still got a lot of information out of it. I’ve been trying to find a news source for someone with dyslexia." - 7th grader in New York City, NY

"Before Bites Media, I found myself collecting 3-4 articles on each topic I wanted to use in classroom discussion. It was extremely time consuming. Now I have it all in one place." - ELL teacher in Boston, MA

The Bites Difference.


Bites uses the principles and guidelines of Universal Design for Learning to systematically engage students of all learning styles and abilities.


Each Bites story is built around two differing mainstream viewpoints. By comparing multiple perspectives, students become independent and critical thinkers that are prepared to engage and curious to learn more through traditional articles.


Bites saves teachers planning time and provides peace of mind every day. On average, it takes educators only 15 minutes to search and assign ready-to-use articles for classroom use.